Hear from the Seniors: Mia Nadborne (剧院) and India Renteria (音乐剧)

祝贺2022届毕业生! Hear from seniors Mia Nadborne and India Renteria on their favorite Academy memories, 他们最想念的是什么, 以及给新生的建议.


Do you have any memories that you are going to hold or cherish over others?

从我大一开始, 这是世界上最好的地方, and the best high school experience I could have ever asked for. A lot of my formative experiences really happened when I was a freshman, because we were the last class to really experience life before COVID. The energy and experiences that I had in that first year — coming in new to a space where everyone is so devoted to their art, 热情好客,富有创造力, and seeing all the traditions in full bloom — those I will always remember.


Ben Dicke is one of the best humans I've ever met in my entire life — the best department chair, 最佳导演, 最好的艺术老师. The way that he has been there for me in my arts and me as a person, and the relationship that he cultivates with every single one of his students, 我不知道我是否还会认识一个更好的老师.

Also I've had Alex Cassidy all four years for science and I love Alex so, so much. I had biology, chemistry, anatomy, and then this year I came back to TA for chemistry.

If you could give some advice to an incoming Academy freshman, what would you say?

听起来很俗气, but be yourself — however you know how to be yourself, because you will change in a good way by just being your first authentic self that you know how to be. 我来这所学校的时候是一个非常非常害羞的人. 我不能在全班同学面前讲话. I couldn't even raise my hand and answer a question. 但我对人很好, 他们来找我的时候我能在场, and those relationships just formed and blossomed on their own. 因为人们能够看到真实的你. And you make great friends, who push you out of your shell to be your best person.

印度餐馆(音乐剧' 22)

Are you excited about graduating and moving on to what’s next?

It's that bittersweet thing of moving on – you finally feel like you're at your best, you know? You reached this point of "I've finally gotten to where I wanted to be." And once you hit that point, it's time to move on and be a freshman again. But when you're a senior here, you feel really accomplished — like “Okay, I feel ready to leave.” 

我回头看那些低年级学生. 我记得第一次读到这些场景. 我记得我第一次上声音代表课. 我做了所有这些. 现在该我走了. I think all the seniors feel like they are ready to take on what is next.


I directed the 艾滋病的好处 this year and I remember after the last performance the whole cast was on stage, and the cast was made up of students from all departments and all grades. 我真的感受到这种强烈的社区意识. 这个词又出现了. But we were all happy and crying, so united in that moment. If I were to describe The Academy to someone else, I would want to talk about that moment. We were all in the same place, feeling the same things, and united as a group.


我相信没有其他地方能像学院那样. There is no other school like The Academy and there is no other community like The Academy. So I will really miss the community the most — there’s a vibe here. 那里很友好,每个人都很热情. It's like the type of place where all of the faculty members know your name, and you can say good morning to everyone and they'll greet you with a smile back. 我会很怀念那段时光的.